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Welcome to the best place to get Custom buttons and amp scrims made

Custom Band Buttons dot com is a maker of archival quality, water resistant, pinback buttons for any reason at dirt cheap prices. Get buttons made for your band, a wedding, promoting any events or business. We also produce custom indoor/outdoor amp scrims

We take great pride in the quality of our buttons and amp scrims.


All of our buttons are printed with top of the line Epson printers on genuine Epson paper with Archival inks.

The result is a great quality button with excellent photographic possibilities, that are water and UV resistant.

If you are tired of getting buttons from other places only to have them ruined after getting just a little wet?

We've got you covered!


We have tested our buttons by not just getting them a little wet, but by throwing them in a washer with our laundry!


What more could you want? Excellent quality at a super low price!

Give us a shot and you will not be disappointed!


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